The Land-Water-Place Program

The muddy deserted streets of flood ravaged Princeville, North Carolina stand in silent testimony to the destruction wrought by the Tar River. Princeville, NC 9/28/99. Photo By Dave Saville/FEMA News Photo.
Mississippi RIver
Low level aerial shot of landscape with mixed forests, meadows, and lakes with houses and roads.

Opening Doors to Understanding Equity and Justice

Challenges facing scholars and practitioners working on issues pertaining to land, water, and community call for innovative perspectives that reach across traditional boundaries and professions. While specialized expertise will always be important, this web site is designed to support cross-disciplinary thinking. The short articles featured on this site are intended to achieve three goals:

  • Provide a way into a field of thinking and practice that may be new to readers who are specialists in other areas; 
  • Offer insights into the multiple ways that issues of equity and justice pervade subjects that many see as removed from social concerns; 
  • Serve as the “first word” (as opposed to “last word”) that starts users/readers on a path of their own professional and intellectual exploration.

This site contains short blog posts that link to a variety of generally-accessible sources, from journalism to agency reports and public-facing research websites. Each post will intentionally address the sort of source it links to and why that might be thought of as a credible source of insights and information.

The articles and blog posts contained here are intended to inspire questions, further research and inquiry, and perhaps to be part of a course curriculum.The web site is envisioned as a living, changing platform for knowledge-sharing, and a space where students may be contributors, as well as users, of information on the site. 

For further information, and to contribute to the site, contact project manager Patrick Nunnally at [email protected].